Sell A Car With A Bad Transmission

Sell A Car With A Bad Transmission

We buy cars with bad transmissions in Denver

The transmission is the most complicated system of your car. Transmission parts involve hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical operations. Just one tiny flaw in any part of your car’s gearbox can cause transmission problems. If you’re looking to sell your bad transmission car, you can see the value online and receive the cash fast.

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Even the slightest damage on any transmission could cost into the thousands of dollars to fix. Transmissions can go out fast. As soon as you hear the first indication it’s usually the beginning of the end. Believe your car is worth nothing but junk? Sell a junk car here.

How to Sell A Car With Transmission Problems?

  • Shift flaring. It a sudden and unexpected engine rev-up when your transmission is changing gears, often the issue is caused by worn clutches or fluid pressure problems.
  • Burnt transmission fluid smell. When clutches burn out or there are internal friction problems in the transmission, the fluid gets a strong sour smell.
  • Slipping gears. As you drive, your engine RPMs move up rapidly, but your speed is hardly increasing. You might unexpectedly start to slow down.
  • Delayed or hesitate gear engagement. You shift into drive and hit the gas, but nothing happens then the transmission finally jumps into gear. It’s usually a fluid pressure issue inside or low transmission fluid.
  • Most bad transmissions can be repaired, but they are expensive. Even transmission cooling hoses or a transmission pan gasket can be several hundred dollars to fix up.

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